Even more questions for Wolfgang Blau

I read Mr. Blau’s dissapointed piece and felt so ashamed, even though I was not one of the journalist asking him those silly questions.

So I am thankful for this reply and the perfect questions. Let me add a few more:

1. How do you encourage “print-first” journalists to care for online

Well, I know — the answer is obvious. Online is the future. But how do you explain this to a colleague who wants to write “nice articles” with classy (old school) headlines.

2. How do you embrace care-for-metric attitude

OK, I will explain this one. A journalist should not write only according to metrics, but it should be part of the editing process, etc. you ask yourself “what headline worked best last time? which part of the article made people share it?”. All this can be measured and for better or worse we can do that, but what should be the argument for “non-believers”?

3. What do you think about native advertising and what is Guardian’s standpoint?

NY Times, The Atlantic and other big media companies are already using native ads. I never heard of Guardian doing something like this, not even talking about it. Could you clarify and possibly give your own opinion?

OK, there are plenty more where this came from. But these are crucial.


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