Hey Leila, thanks a lot for the response 👏

You are absolutely right and my first point is kind of clumsy — I guess more accurate would be to write that “most famous” or “best known in the world” instead a simple “best”.

I am more then sure that in bigger EU countries the podcast scene is flourishing. I do think this is the case also in smaller countries — fact is today are more podcasts then there were a year ago or 10 years ago.

Also, you are kind of right that it might seem silly to compare US a EU and perhaps complain about it. I might just have the small country perspective on this issue which is — the more we have in common the stronger we are.

Of course it is more convenient for a French podcast producer to produce a podcast in French. Totally make sense and the market is big enough. But let's say you want to start something more niche and suddenly even France is small.

My point is that this language fragmentation slows down the revolution. Let's just say I believe the future of podcasting in Europe is in English because it can breach this issue and even cross the Atlantic and beyond. And I am totally curious to see how this will play out.

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