How to simply record a conference call for a podcast

We recommend YouTube and Hangouts, but it is still not that easy.

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For a podcast I used to do, we (me & my co-host) wanted to record an episode while I was on a conference in Warsaw and Henrik was not home next to his gear. We thought — this should be easy to do in 2017 without breaking a sweat. It is not.

Welcome to 2017, recording is still not easy

After searching online for almost an hour it was our guest who finally found the best way to use Hangouts and YouTube. It is not straight forward as you would think.

He found a link online to which someone referred in a discussion. The link goes like this:

On the website you can find a “New live event” button:

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The you fill in some title, if you do not want to go public and do a live recording (which we did not want), then select “private” and hit “Go live now”:

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Do a conference call

YouTube switches to Hangouts, you can test the sound and video if you want a video recording. You can add people, like to a conference call, and once you hit “Start broadcast” you simply stream a private video and at the same time it is being recorded.

After you have finished, the video will be saved to your YouTube channel. If you desire a podcast out of it, simply split the audio from the video (we used the first we found online).

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Simple steps

  1. Go to you YouTube channel or type
  2. Start new live event
  3. Go live
  4. Add people (via phone number or gmail account)
  5. Start broadcast
  6. End broadcast
  7. Find recorded video on YouTube

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