We need to talk about Quality Journalism #niswaw

This is a summary of News Impact Summit in Warsaw. Lots of interesting ideas for innovative quality journalism.

What is next for Russian propaganda? How to do innovation in journalism and newsroom? Why is it unethical to Tweet someone in a shopping mall, where a terrorist attack is going on?

Google News Lab wants to help journalists

Panel Debate 1: Digital Age Editorial Content & Publishing Strategies

Panel Debate 2: The State of Media in Russia, Ukraine and Beyond

Panel Debate 3: News, Interactives & Social Contents: The Next Generation Digital Reporting





“You can be social or political activist, who writes or blogs, but no Ethics = no Journalism.”

Session 1: Google Trends & Search Tools for Beginners

Session 2: Cross Border Investigation: Tricks and Tips

Session 3: Create Your Own Ethics Code [ONA Track]

Session 4: BIQdata — Data Journalism Practice at Gazeta Wyborcza

Session 5: Do’s & Don’ts When Using UGC in Your Reporting [ONA Track]

Session 6: Building Your Stories via the Story-based Inquiry Method

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