What if 1000 people joined?

Thanks for the report, I loved all the details you provided and also the way you are thinking.

Though, one thing is missing – scalability. What would you do if many more people joined?

I know that you said in advance that you will be doing a live chat with a limited audience, but still.

When thinking of this as an experiment, which I would say was successsful, you wrote you would grow the community, so I am curious how are you thinking about scaling up on the way forward.

Do you think you could do this with a 4–5 member staff? I mean, if you had let’s say five list.

One idea that came to my mind is that chats like these will remain niche for up to 256 users and different sections of the paper will tend to them with the help of community managers – so one list for politics, one for economics, one for sport…

Well, at least until WhatsApp (or Facebook) decides to make some special features for publishers.

It would be great to hear how you are thinking about this.

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